Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yet Another Bird Purchase...

sunbird If you've followed this blog any the last few months, you read about the first baby sunbird and lovebird I bought here in southcentral Taiwan that bit the dust, as well as the second adult lovebird which flew away. You've also read about the Indian Ringneck and yellow lovebird, which are still doing fine. The latter is especially tame and I let it out most days, although it's starting to play a little rough.

Yesterday I set out to buy a partner for it, but instead of another baby lovebird wound up with another exotic bird, in Chinese called a sunbird (In English it's a cockatiel). Anyway, it's another sunbird2relatively cheap acquisition, less than $20 US over here. I've still spoon-feeding it, but expect it to make the transition to self-feeding quickly since it can already fly a little. With the weather so cold, I hope it doesn't get a bad cold and croak. 

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