Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ollie and Gabi

Be honest—how intelligent do the dogs below look to you on a scale of 1-10?IMG_1068If you were being generous, maybe you rated them 1.5 or maybe even a 2.   Even though 土狗 (according to yahoo, “Formosan mountain dog”, a breed native to Taiwan) are FAR from bright they’re very low-maintenance – and good pets most of the time. When we go for our weekly hikes they’ll run straight from their doghouses to the car without a leash (though today getting them both back into the car after the hike was a bit more of a challenge).

Today during our Saturday afternoon hike something I have long feared happened. The ever-reckless and playful Gabi (coffee-colored dog) pushed Ollie off the path and down a very steep embankment while the two dogs were in a full run. I barely managed to climb down and lift him out--- at first I was a little worried I wouldn't even be able to climb back out myself. I didn’t notice the nasty cuts and scratches and cuts up and down my right triceps until several hours afterward.

A half hour later when we reached the peak I recorded the slightly more controlled rampage below.

dogs enjoy their weekly hike with me

The (not so bright) dogs remained blissfully ignorant of Ollie’s brush with death  and immediately  continued their torrid rampage. Makes me wonder how incognizant we may sometimes be whenever God intervenes to rescue us from dangerous circumstances.