Monday, July 16, 2012

Visit to Fort Ritchie

This afternoon I drove with my mom and dad and nephew over to Fort Ritchie, Maryland, where my dad served as garrison commander from 1988-1990. The army military installation was decommissioned in 1998 and very little has been done since in terms of redevelopment.

Although I lived in North Carolina and New York the 5 or 6 years my folks were associated with Fort Ritchie, I always enjoyed visiting.  The scenery was and still is gorgeous!

Weeds and vines have overtaken the house, which hasn’t been lived in for at least a decade. The once closely-cut grass is now several feet high, providing cover for neighborhood deer, such as the three we surprised today:

“The Castle” which served as my dad’s office is still around:


Late 80’s:

Web the street up to our quarters









Late 80’s:

Web side porch











Web IMG_0285