Saturday, December 29, 2007

Latest Bird Acquisitions




After the last two baby birds kicked the bucket a few months back, I broke down again. Here's a  pic of the 綠月輪 (what I thought in English might be called a Green Conure, but just found out 5/27/09 that it’s an Indian Ringneck) I bought about a month and a half ago (for about $40 US). It's still pretty scared of me but, after several hours of work on my part, it is finally willing to put a foot or two on my hand when I hand-feed it sunflower seeds, which it likes more than its usual fare (I read somewhere sunflower seeds are addictive-- I may be encouraging a drug habit!). Its personality so far seems to be sort of mean, but maybe I'm misreading it since they love to chew all sorts of things. Twice now I've forgotten to lock the cage and its opened the door to go over to another adult green lovebird I got at the same time, which, alas, made good on its escape last week and has not been seen or heard from again.


litlebird1littlebird2A few weeks after I got the Indian Ringneck I bought a baby peach-faced lovebird and have been hand-feeding it 3 times or more a day (here it costs about $11 US). It can't yet fly and is only beginning to feed itself, but I expect with a little more luck it will be able to go on its own in just another few days instead of dying like the last two.   Both birds seem like they'll do OK outside of the cage from time to time although the big one will need a lot more work.   Both birds are beautiful. God sure knows how to cook, doesn't He? Actually, I think the yellow bird's colors may be due to selective breeding. If I bring it up to my second floor, I may lose sight of it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these - I am a bird lover. How great to get these treasures at those prices living where you do!

I have a cockatiel, parakeet and pair of zebra finches who I can't leave together because the male pecks the female too much, so no eggs fertilized yet.

Enjoy your conure and lovebird for all of us birdlovers!

-Beth Knight-Pinneo