Monday, December 31, 2007

They Don't Think they Won by 21 By Accident...

Put together:

* A 21 point Redskins victory (the late Sean Taylor's jersey #).

*  All three touchdowns scored by Taylor's fellow alumni.

* Loss of 5 starters besides Taylor.

* Right after Taylor's funeral, when they should have been most drained, reeling off four consecutive wins (the most they've had this year).

* A gale force wind that blew a punt 20 extra yards, missed field goals by opponents in which the wind blew the ball wildly, passes that hung in the air until Redskins could catch them -- some players say it's Sean Taylor (Na, I don't think so).

* The last 4 wins engineered by a quarterback who hadn't started in 10 years, and whose wife had a baby just a day before one of the games.

* Melt-down by a few play-off pretenders (Saints and Vikes)

* Joe Gibbs consistently manifesting a steady faith and giving thanks to God.

Regardless of who wins and loses, I'm looking forward to following the post-season!