Monday, February 11, 2008

The Goose Farm of Tina's Family

goose6 Meet Tina. Tina (whose real name is Wu Yi Zhen) is one of the students who comes over on weekends with her friends to study English with me. I often see her mom and little sister as they are with my next door neighbors almost daily.

Tina's little 100-0008_IMG sister Ting Ying is FINALLY started to warm up and speak a little with me (and I'm talking about Chinese or Taiwanese; she's not yet warmed up enough yet to want to practice English). Maybe it was the red envelope I gave her last week that helped break the ice to get this far. She was especially curious to look at my 5 foreigner colleagues who came over to worship God at my place yesterday morning.

goose2 Today my neighbor Mr. Chen drove me over to visit Tina's mom and little sister at their goose farm a few minutes outside of town. They raise over 1,000 geese there, which are sold for slaughter on a regular basis. Notice the nets which keep other birds out... just the netting and columns alone cost over 300,000 New Taiwan Dollars.goose4goose1

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