Friday, December 14, 2007

Buying Leaning Supplies

leaning A few months ago when I was moving in, I stocked up on household cleaning supplies at the largest department/grocery store within a forty minute radius or so from here. Today was the first time I was unselfconscious enough to smuggle my camera in to sneak a pic since my cell phone here doesn't have a camera. Our team leader suggests we should get a group picture of us all leaning in front of it.

In-Between Meal Snakes

snaking Are you in the habit of having a snake between meals? Or eating a snake before bed-time? Over the years of teaching adults English here, one of the more common (and humorous) pronunciation errors I hear a lot is mistaking "snake" for "snack" since that particular "a" sound doesn't occur in Mandarin or Taiwanese. But this afternoon was the first time I found it in writing!  Hmmm... it's almost bedtime. What will I eat tonight first?