Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stolen Jasmine Plant

In September 2007 shortly after first settling in here, I blogged about the flowers on my water lilies mysteriously disappearing time and time again. Finally, I moved them off the porch, after which they quickly died because I forgot to water them. After refraining from putting any kind of potted flower plant on my front porch for the past year and a half, earlier this month I bought two Jasmine plants. Unfortunately, sometime during the last couple of days,  someone swiped one!

None of my neighbors have problems with plants disappearing, and they have a lot more (and lot prettier) plants than I do. Why is someone singling out the foreigner? Maybe because I don’t do as  good a job taking care of my plants and they think I won’t miss it?

I don’t have any solid proof, but I have a hunch it might be some kid from the neighborhood, maybe one from a special needs family as we have several around here.  I want to care more about their family situation than about the plant. But I’m praying that the plant issue might lead to a deeper conversation about things that really matter.