Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Medical Care

One practical way of making language-learning easier is to associate words and phrases with fresh daily life experiences. Therefore it's much easier this evening for my brain to register the Taiwanese word "tang3-kah " (and maybe also the less common Chinese word 嵌甲 qian4jia3 jiao3gou1yan2 腳溝炎) because of the minor surgical procedure I had done today. Maybe the fact that the doctor did not use quite enough anesthesia when pulling/cutting out the ingrown toe nail will make the vocabulary even easier to recall in the future. And to think I chose to have it done on my 44th birthday!

On a separate note, one of the many things I like about life here in Taiwan is the great medical insurance. For the minor surgical procedure above, which required anesthesia as well as the attention of several hospital staff not to mention 3 kinds of post-operation medicines, I paid a total of only $172 NT, about $5.25
US. What a deal!