Monday, June 6, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival Weekend Sunday Afternoon Ride

Sunday afternoon I rode my bicycle for the fifth time in the last year or so down to the DongShi Fisherman’s Wharf along the western coast of Chiayi County (see my 2010 post). Because of the intense afternoon heat, I took it much slower than usual.

Usually, the tourist park is deserted, or nearly so. But because of the  three-day Dragon Boat holiday, the normally vacant beach area was swarming with families. There were no dragon boat races going on this evening, but the stands selling grilled squid, etc. were all open and doing very good business. Sadly, no one bothered to fill the wading pool area with water, but at least the fountains in the background were in full-blast for the kids and their parents to cool off in!


Due to having both the setting sun as well as the wind at my back, the 2nd half of my 70 km ride was much cooler and more relaxed than the trip down the coast.

Below I enjoyed the beautiful view of the “red forest” along the side of the river before the sun set and the bugs began coming out!