Friday, July 2, 2010

Mr. Ding Meets the Reporters


Day before yesterday my neighbor Dave Ding invited me to go with his wife and daughter to the art exhibition in Chiayi city where his latest prize-winning wood carving is on display. Mr. Ding and the other artists were interviewed by the reporters, and next Saturday a ceremony will be held.









Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taiwanese Turtle

Long ago when I was in junior high school, l remember riding in the van on the way to Fairy Stone, Virginia with my brothers and sisters and my mom when she swerved to miss a box turtle…. accidentally driving straight over it instead. :-(

Turtles are not an uncommon sight when driving in America, but I was surprised the other night while driving on a country road in the rain when I thought I saw one on the side of the road here on the western plain of southcentral Taiwan. I turned around, and sure enough, there it was. This “flower turtle” (花龜) is slightly smaller than my hand.

IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 Having a friend who likes turtles to the degree I like to raise birds (well, maybe not quite that much), I scooped it up and delivered it to him last night.

In other nature-related news, 3 weeks ago at dusk my neighbor and I watched as a small bird (we thought it was a sparrow) flew in to my open door. I looked and looked the next day, but never found it, thinking that in a few weeks the stench would give the position of its corpse away. But yesterday morning, after having kept the steel doors shut for the better part of a week while I was out of town, I found a tiny bat by the bottom of the door… still living, but barely. I released it in the field across the street. So I guess if it was the same creature, bats can survive a long time without feeding…