Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Taiwanese Delicacy

In previous posts here here and here I shared about culinary adventures here in the neighborhood. Similarly, last night after enjoying all-you-can-eat hot pot at a newly opened restaurant (compliments of the school I've been helping out at the last few weeks), the owner treated us to a complimentary dish....


chicken or pig balls

We were first told we were eating chicken testicles, but then were told by someone else at the table afterward they were actually pig testicles (much rarer to come by). Who knows which it actually was. When I pulled my first one up  from the hot pot and popped it in my mouth, I suddenly realized I was out of soda and could hardly hold it down. Upon getting a refill, however, I actually ate a second one. while the esteemed friend here ate not one or two but three. Mmm. So succulent. don eats chicken balls

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Amrita said...

You guys seem to be enjoying those, I 'd run away