Tuesday, July 29, 2008

University Admission Rates in Taiwan

Admission rates for universities in Taiwan, on the rise in recent years, have hit a record high -- of over 100%! If I understand the China Post link above correctly, any student can be admitted into a university, no matter how bad their score on the entrance exam, so long as they show up for all the tests. You'd think that would ease the pressure for all the kids going to cram school all the time, even if the college they wind up attending in the end isn't exactly National Taiwan University. Soon we'll see some of these universities closing, experts have been saying.


Amrita said...

The fees in the private colleghes are verry hugh, but the govt. run ones are some cheaper.

Heard about the typhoon, hope you are safe.

Michael said...

Not sure where to begin. I am going to be moving to Taiwan soon. I'll be living in Mai Liao. I am going to be teaching English at the Cram School and working with the local church. My contact is going to be leaving before I get there so I'm afraid I'll be a little lost for a bit. I was wondering if there was the possibility of establishing a dialogue. My contact - Nick Wilson - explained to me he visits Taichung almost every week.
Perhaps you could send me an email: michael.w.shawley@gmail.com
Thanks for any advice/wisdom you can lend.
Your Fellow Servant in Christ,