Friday, August 7, 2009

Burger King in Taichung

About 7 years ago when I moved to Taichung, I remember my first trip to a local Carrefour where I saw a Burger King restaurant in the food court. All the signs and tables were there, but how disappointed I was to discover that it had recently gone out of business!

Where I live now, there is very little indeed in terms of western food. Although I love Chinese food, the Chinese food available here is not the greatest and the only western food within a half hour of my home is McDonalds, which is not particularly appetizing to me or healthy. 

bkSo imagine my excitement when last month I read about Burger King reentering the Taichung market by opening their new flagship store near the FengJia Night market. I paid them my first (and perhaps only?) visit yesterday (picture at right).

Happily, I also see from the BK web site their second Taichung store is scheduled to open just a 5 minute walk from one of the schools where I sometimes go to study Taiwanese. Since Chinese New Year Taichung has both a Costco and now BK again. I can enjoy them occasionally but it’s nice healthwise to have a good buffer in between them and me!

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