Friday, August 7, 2009

Bicycling in Taiwan

Cycling is the latest fad to take Taiwan by storm. Who knows how much longer it will remain popular (bowling died a quick death about 10 years ago, leaving dozens of abandoned or converted properties around this part of the island). Anyway, I like to think that me getting into biking is more a result of the suitability of where I’m living now in the countryside, as well as being too old to jump around playing basketball like I might have done in previous years, and not a passing fad.

The bicycle I bought is maybe 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of some of the premium bikes you see so often around here now, but it’s more than enough for my needs. I wanted the black model, but only yellow was available from the factory with the larger frame. I’m just happy to acquire a bike with a 21 inch frame, since most shops don’t carry these.

If the bicycle was a red bike with a bell, a basket, and training wheels or tripod (to borrow a facebook friend’s words) this might be a less boring  picture, but since they requested to see the Giant XTC SE V, here it is!


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