Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Buddy’s Annoying New Trick

African Greys are highly intelligent, although I wonder about the things Buddy (below) chooses to do.

About six months ago, several days I would  take him out of his cage to discover that the light chain around his foot would be looped into a knot. This happened not once or twice, but four or five times in a week. What a pain to undo!

Buddy recently learned a new “trick”.  Several mornings I pulled off the cloth  we cover the parrots’ cages with at night to discover that Buddy had chewed out a small hole and inserted the chain into the hole. But not only had he inserted it, he expertly weaved the cloth in and out of the last loop on the chain—not an easy feat to accomplish.

Because the only way to get the chain out is often to take a pair of scissors to the cloth cover, I quit covering the cage. However, twice this week he has nevertheless still managed to pull over the cloth from the neighboring parrot’s cage into his cage to continue practicing his trick. Arggh!



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