Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Reading

Last year my reading broke down into the following categories: 15 audiobooks (5 from Audible and the rest from the Maryland digital and public libraries), 9 kindlebooks (including 5 free loans from the Maryland digital library), and only 8 real books (only one of which wasn't read during our August USA vacation).I'm thankful for all the free ebooks and audiobooks since English books here in Taiwan tend to be expensive. But as I'm getting older I sure have gotten away from conventional reading!
Of these, 10 books were fictional novels, 6 were devotional/theological Christian books, 5 were biographies,  5 were other history-related books, 5 related to science, and one was poetry. Three or four others didn’t make the list… Some great reads. Now on to 2015!

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