Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life in the Kitchen Part 3: Bullying Little Animals

Here at the restaurant are 5 birds which I raised from the time they were babies. They attract quite a bit of attention from some of the customers. Two of the birds garner more attention than the others, but I’m still somewhat attached to four of them. While I was away in the US, this place became their home.

This past week, then, it made me angry to pass by the cages and either catch in-the-act or after-the-fact children 欺負小動物 “bullying the little animals” by poking them with sticks and even kicking the cages. They tried feeding them inedible items ranging from tree leaves to raw coffee beans. 很沒有規矩!

Sadly, in some cases, the children were only following in the footsteps of their adult parents. On two separate days I found cigarette butts in the cages, as well as betel nut 檳榔。These would have come from the so-called adults.

Speaking of the adults, this afternoon, the last day of winter vacation before children go back to school, I picked up 78 cigarette butts from the adjacent restaurant parking lot (about 12 spaces). I’m sure I could have found more if I had kept looking! And a few days ago while driving back up after having running errands, it seemed the car in front of me was throwing a different piece of garbage out of the window every 20-30 seconds. What classless lowlife. Hopefully, the litterbugs/bullies/gangster types only constituted a small fraction of the customers who visited over the Chinese New Year.

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