Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life in the Kitchen Intro

A few months ago I cruelly joked with my wife-then-fiancé that while  visiting my parents in America she would be staying in a cage in the basement, coming out only for meals and for housework. Never did I suspect that upon our immediate return to Taiwan, it would be me/us temporarily living in a small room in the family restaurant right off the semi-enclosed kitchen extension used for chopping vegetables and washing dishes! Having said that, I must admit the room is newly and nicely designed with beautiful wooden floors in the Japanese style.

Well rested from a trip to the US, and just starting to look for employment again back in Taiwan, I volunteered to be a dishwasher for the 9 days of Chinese New Year (plus the prior weekend) in my wife’s family restaurant in order to help get them through the crazy holiday rush. The next few entries record a few episodes from this time.

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