Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hallam, Nebraska

hallamThe last 3 nights I’ve been staying with new friends Curtis and Joetta in Hallam, Nebraska.

Haven’t heard of Hallam? It’s a small farming town of about 200 southwest of Lincoln. It was also the site of one of the greatest tornados of all time:

In fact, Curtis and Joetta’s fairly new home was destroyed in 2004 by the tornado. The home I’m visiting now was rebuilt from scratch. Our Taiwan Field Forum speaker from 2004 is the pastor of the church not too far from here. He came over to share with us just a few months after the terrible tornado.

On another note, day before yesterday Curtis took me to visit his son Darren’s farm a couple of hundred of yards away. As I observed a few weeks ago over in Iowa, the integration of hi-tech in today’s farming equipment is truly something to behold. Perhaps even more than years past, to be a farmer requires one to be a “jack of all trades”, understanding not just how to plant, irrigate, harvest, repair the machinery, accounting, etc. but also much that is new in electronics.

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