Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Piece of Pizza

Last week I stayed for 3 days with the family of this little boy, who at the moment I snapped this picture was enjoying his first piece of pizza ever in his young life. Why did he have to wait so long?


Teagan and his little sister Amara were born intolerant to absolutely anything having to do with corn (and almost anything has sucrose in it these days), suffering stomach aches and other unpleasant reactions whenever they ingested it. Doctors helplessly stood by doing nothing, going so far as to intimate that the allergies/intolerances were only imagined.

After years of preparing special corn-restricted diets, mom and dad were at the end of their ropes. At the suggestion of the mother’s mother, the parents went to see a faith healer by the name of Randy Clark. He prayed for the two children--- not in any sort of large-scale special meeting but quietly and behind the scenes.

In the last couple of weeks since their visit, the couple has been cautiously optimistic that their two children have been healed!

The mother showed me three books by Paul King her mother had sent her:  Genuine Gold: The Cautiously Charismatic Story of the Early Christian and Missionary Alliance, Nuggets of Genuine Gold: Experiencing the Spirit-Empowered Life, and Anointed Women: The Rich Heritage of Women in Ministry in the Christian & Missionary Alliance (I read the first title a few years ago and translated a few pages worth of quotes from it into Chinese).

This is the second instance of parents believing God healed one of their children in less than a week. Here’s the first one I heard from another mother last week in Charles City. So that’s the story behind the little boy’s picture above!

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