Monday, May 31, 2010

Afternoon Bike Trip to Chiayi County DongShi YuRenMaTou

I took this afternoon off and took off on the bicycle for DongShi YuRenMaTou in Chiayi County (嘉義縣東石漁人碼頭)along the Puzi bike path in LiuJiao. From my house and back I rode about 73 kilometers.

In my last post I talked about “Red Forests” in the water. Along the low-lying waters of the Puzi river the red forest is much taller—maybe about 5 meters.


The view along the river was pleasant, although I had to settle for using my cell phone camera and you can’t really tell from these pictures.


Since there’s not a lot to see or do in this immediate area, we take guests sometimes to the park/play area, seen below.


At the harbor, students were busy practicing for the Dragon Boat races which will be held on DuanWuJie in a few weeks.


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