Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Bird Tale

And as the time approached for my master to go on a journey, he tried to find someone to take me in, but there was no room for me in any inn. So he wrapped me in cloths and placed me in a manger, because there was no room in the last resort.

And when he could afford to hide me no longer inside his luggage on his way out the door to the airport, he got a papyrus basket for me and coated it with tar and pitch. Then he placed me in it and put it among the weeds of a nearby shrimp and fish farm. He stood at a distance with his motorcycle helmet and sunglasses hiding his face to see what would happen to me.

Then the parents of some English club students happened to walk down to the fish and shrimp pond to sneak in some fishing. They saw my basket among the weeds and sent their son to go fetch it. They opened it and saw me! I was squawking loudly, and they felt sorry for me. "This is one of the foreigner's pet birds," they said. And they took me home and took care of me as one of their own. And I grew and became strong; I was filled with wisdom (along with plenty of gourmet bird foods and liquids) and learned to speak more and more Taiwanese and Mandarin, and the grace of God was upon those who saved me!

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lamtitaioan said...

lovely written using stories we are familiar with; sad but, are you going get new ones after you came back?