Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nearly Completed!

roadnearfinal Since last July I've been blogging occasionally (see also here, here and here) about the incessant road construction going on out front-- so much dirt and noise, and with little noticeable progress from day to day. Thankfully, except for finishing the brick sidewalks, planting trees along the side of the road, and putting down the final coat of asphalt, we've neared the end!

Two nights ago, they turned on the new street lights, one of which is just a few feet from my bedroom window (I can now read at night without the interior light on). Traffic is picking up, especially with this now being the preferred route for trucks bypassing the town. And there have even been two vehicles blaring advertisements passing by... first time in months.

Yesterday, I was able to park in my driveway again and wash the filthy car. I also hosed off the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies, both layered with thick coats of dirt. Just in time for Chinese New Years... the neighborhood is celebrating!!!

Here's a condensed 40 second overview of the last 2 months, as seen from my porch and balcony:

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