Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Way to Have Team Meeting at My House This Week...

hole2 As I sat commiserating with my neighbors last night, I commented that it feels like a war zone here. In all fairness to all the places around the world where people are truly suffering,  including Odessa, India where Indian Christians are being mercilessly targeted now, actually, we're just dealing with a inconvenient construction project, but the ceaseless noise of drilling and shoveling has given me a headache that won't stop. And all the dirt and dust!

hole1 As of yesterday afternoon, I have no way to park my car or my scooter in front of or inside my house. To get out to the street requires a leap of faith (no dirt bridge for me yet). Sweeping and mopping is also a futile endeavor. Water is turned off during the day, and after they're done with the water pipes the electricity people will come for several days to turn off the electricity.  The road construction, which began a couple of months ago, is not scheduled to be finished until shortly before Chinese New year.

Thankfully, I'm scheduled to leave Taiwan on Monday and not be back for a month. And if before or after that time I need a place to hang out, our recently-relocated office is only 5 minutes away. But I feel for all my neighbors, especially my sculptor friend who works in front of his house.

Before you leave this post, enjoy a free headache on me by viewing the attached video of yesterday's fun.


Gin said...

UGH! I feel your pain! Good thing you'll be miles away -- hopefully it will be nice and new for your return!

Tom Siwicki said...

That is loud! Hopefully you'll have a nice new road when they finish the job..

Amrita said...

I shake hands with you on this one LY. We have to make several leaps of faith on our roads too. i find this very funny.

Good trip to you.