Monday, November 24, 2008

Puppy Dogs Dumped

Last week one day when I was out of town, a young man passed by in front of my house on his scooter, at which time he was chased by the dog described below in a previous post, as is her habit.

With all the mud and dirt from the construction outside, the road is sometimes slippery, and the young man's scooter slipped out from under him as he evaded the dog. Evidently he was hurt badly.

His father came over and angrily scolded the owner of the dog and the puppies. That night, one of the owner's sons angrily bundled up the dogs, hopped on his scooter and deposited the puppies in different places out in the middle of nowhere well outside of town. Although they were eating food on their own, they were also still nursing, so it's doubtful they'll ever be heard from again.

He dumped the mother dog off about 18 kilometers and several towns away. You have to pass through several towns and also cross a river to get there. However, 3 or 4 days after it was dumped, it reappeared again, her internal compass guiding it back (unfortunately) to her territory. When I last saw it yesterday, it was happily chasing passing scooters and bicycles again.

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