Monday, September 22, 2008

Wrap-Up of Pinjarra Visit


God is good. Tomorrow morning wraps up the first stop of my visit to West Australia-- Pinjarra, WA. Aside from my powerpoint locking up yesterday during the morning meeting, things went smoothly logistics-wise although I wish content-wise it could have gone better.

Although I didn't spend time with too many people outside of the scheduled meetings, those I did spend time with were kind and generous. Ian, ian and cherylthe pastor, and Cheryl were kind hosts throughout the week. They are a godly couple, and I really appreciate them opening up their home to me, taking me to a Rotary Club meeting, going to meet some of Cheryl's ESL students, etc. Ian and Cheryl are certified experts when it comes to Western Australia wildflowers. Tfl6hey tried to impart some of their knowledge to me, but I'm afraid I'm a slow learner.

Sunday evening they took me up to Alcoa Look-Out, which looks over the Alcoa factory and all of Pinjarra. On the way I saw my first kangaroos -- dozens of them and quite large according to Ian and Cheryl. 


winnings Bert, Lizzie, Rebecca and Alex were also very kind in taking me over  to Perth for some sight-seeing on Monday (Alex had earlier taken me to a local fitness center a few hundred yards away from the house here).




fl19The King's Park in Perth was beautiful with all of its wildflowers. Afterward, we drove over to the coast  where we had fish and chips on the beach, and continued over to Fremantle (WA's chief port), where we visited the Maritime Museum.











Tomorrow I'm off to Kalgoorlie, where there was a gold rush in the 1890's.

Some of the birds I saw during my time in Pinjarra (and Perth) included:

Butcher Bird

Black Cockatoo

Gallah (Pinkon Grey)

Kookaburra  (sound is just as incredible as in the movies)


28 (Port Lincoln) Parrot




White Cockatoo

Willie Wagtail  (extremely friendly bird)

Here are some pics of some of the above I took myself:

bird4 bird6 bird8bird10 



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The flora and founa are very pretty.
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