Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Kalgoorlie, WA after a short flight from Perth. In the evening, Greg, my host, took me over to Boulder to see the so-called Super Pit, which stretches more than 3 km long, 1 km wide, and (eventually) 500 m deep. The Super Pit is a bunch of old mines where as early as the 1890's miners began digging for gold. Now it's a big open consolidated pit in which the goal is to glean 2 kg of gold from every 1 ton of dirt. I watched for a few minutes as the trucks slowly made their way down the road into the pit, were filled with dirt, and made their way up again.

My host has a vision for community development among his own people, the Aboriginal peoples. In earlier years, Greg started up a health services facility for his people in Kalgoorlie. Presently, he's working out in the bush.

From what I've seen in the two days I've been around, the lot of indigenous peoples here is worse than the indigenous peoples of Taiwan, who have also been marginalized, have chronic drinking problems, etc.

Earlier this afternoon we left Kalgoorlie and drove north 180 km out into the bush where Greg has started his latest community development endeavor in Morapoi Station. Many of his family are here, as well as a few from another indigenous people group who have come 1000 km from the central desert. He calls his place here Beulah because God has given him a vision here for his people to be married once again to the land.

Earlier this afternoon we drove further off into the bush to do some gold prospecting for a few hours with gold detectors.  Anyway, I came back empty-handed. We'll head back into town tomorrow morning sometime.

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