Friday, August 29, 2008

Cowardly Indian Ringneck

Tonight I let all three birds (Indian Ringneck, which I previusly falsely identified as a Green Conure since I only knew the Chinese name, Monk Parrakeet and Yellow Lovebird who returned after a three month absence-- I am now virtually certain it is the same bird) out for a little exercise. The Ringneck likes hanging out on the ceiling fans, which I have been good at remembering to turn off first!

Pretty obvious from this clip which I took later which of these two birds is the boss, even though the lovebird is 1/3 the size of the Ringneck! Although it wants to come over to me, whenever the lovebird is on my shoulder, the Ringneck is too afraid.


Amrita said...

Sweet birds.Glad you let them out.

The chain kinda bothered me, but he would fly away if you had not chained him.

We had a parrot, and when we opened his cage to let him out he would close the door himself and stay put.

Taiwan Prattler said...

The chain was already on it when I bought it. I'm thinking about taking it off, but still waiting as I know that once it's off I could never put it back on again. The chain allows allows it to come out a lot more otherwise than if it were always in the cage.