Friday, May 2, 2008

Those Annoying Swallows

For the past several weeks I've been battling a pair of swallows who seem intent on building their mud nest inside the overhanging ceiling in the car part area in front of my house. I really would prefer not to have them there as my pet birds also spend a lot of their time there in their cages below. Plus, I don't want my car pooped on any more than is already the case (a lot, I'm afraid).

First I used a broom handle to poke down the remains of nests that were still up there from last year. When they had almost rebuilt them, I knocked them down again and then sprayed both areas with insect spray. That hasn't done the trick as I've had to destroy their work at least another 2 or 3 times, complete with more roach spray, the most recent effort having just been completed this evening.

I'm almost to the point of letting them have their way. The mother must be getting desperate for a place to lay her eggs! And I certainly don't want to do anything to threaten the new life that God wants to bring into being through them.

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