Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dream in the Night

I deleted this post and moved it to a new blog:

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We dream dreams all the time.... but few people are able to recall them the next day. I believe God has wired us in such as way so that dreams are a way for the brain to resolve outstanding issues we confront during the day.

As a follower of Jesus Christ I believe some dreams are simply a product of what we had for dinner, although others can sometimes be directly from God and still others result from demonic oppression.

Years ago when I was once asked to give a talk on dreams, I cultivated the habit very quickly of remembering and journaling several dreams a night, usually by training myself to get up and write them down immediately after they concluded, or by asking myself and God before I got on with the day if I'd had any dreams. Then, to reflect and pray to God about them a few minutes.

However, in more recent years I've rarely remembered my dreams. Maybe I can start retraining myself how to remember and interpret them again. The new blog will be an attempt.

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