Friday, May 30, 2008


"It's a kind of politeness.... " That's what I said to myself in Taiwanese this evening when I got home to discover that people I barely know had pitched a large tent in front of my house and dumped a load of dishes and pots and pans on my front porch-- preventing me from parking in my own driveway for the night and day tomorrow -- without asking for permission first.

Lest I be misunderstood, I should add it wasn't the erection of the tent that bugged me, but taking over my porch property, an area which most of my neighbors, including the ones in question, have closed off as an extra addition to their homes by adding walls with metal doors that slide down.

Large tents like these are used for marriages and funerals-- tomorrow being the former for someone who lives nearby, but private property is still private property, at least to my Westerner's biased point of view. No sooner had I gotten home then they asked me to move the other car I had parked right by my front door which I am watching for friends. I told them politely next time it would be better to ask in advance.

It's times like these that I need a shot of supernatural grace. I need wisdom for future interaction as well. I'm heading out in the morning and not returning until my late afternoon English class.

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Yayun said...

Hi Little Yellow,
Guess you might cool down now. Just some of the time, we can't see things from our original point of view (I'm learning that, too).

Second, a wedding tent is better than a funeral tent which lasts longer.

Cheers !

yy, Tainan