Thursday, March 13, 2008

Driving the Suzuki Swift Home

swift I drove the 2007 Swift last night back from southern Taiwan. Only 15 km on the odometer when I started out (Taiwan used car shops are notorious for mileage doctoring, but in this case I should be OK since it's new and wasn't used for test-drives).

I am reasonably pleased with how it handles on both the highway and on slower country roads. Though the Swift is tiny, the design is such that I have adequate head and leg room even at 6' 2" (186 cm). I like the hatchback. The sound system is what you'd expect for the stripped down version (you get what you pay for). I didn't have a choice on the color since there were only 5 of last year's model available island-wide. But I'm OK with black. I lose out on that "new car" smell since it's been sitting in a show room for a year. But overall I'm very satisfied with the purchase. Since I had the windows tinted yesterday I'm not supposed to open them for three days but I forgot at the first toll on the highway!

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