Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas at FeiSha "Flying Sands" Elementary School

fsxmas1 Christmas Day I kept my usual Tuesday schedule of volunteering at two different elementary schools teaching English.

fsxmas3 The first school had no special activities. "Flying Sands" Elementary, however, was quite the re4nao4 ("lively, buzzing with excitement") place to be! Though I didn't teach or share that day, I was invited to attend the festivities.

There was quite a feast at noontime, and then each class put on their performances. Numbers were drawn out of a box, and dozens of gifts were given away. For the grand prize, the principal arranged to give away two brand new bicycles, both of which went to 1st and 2nd graders whom I teach. It was especially cute because the size of the bikes was more suited to the older grades, not the younger kids. 

Here are a few other pics not just of the bikes, but of the performances done by fxxmas2the classes I help teach English to on regular Tuesdays. fsxmas5 fsxmas4 fsxmas7 fsxmas6

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