Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Place Here

I'm still not totally settled in here in Yunlin county, but thankfully 90% there and I've moved on to other things. Here are a few pics of my new place.
As Taiwanese study is picking up again and I'm teaching in two elementary schools this semester in addition to picking up other responsibilities I've been less motivated to work around the house. Thankfully the weather is cooler as fall is here. The Mid-Autumn Festival is next Tuesday!
This kind of house is called "Tou4Tian" in Chinese, which means "penetrates the sky". It is a typical home for outside of big cities. The first floor is often used for businesses. Mine is 3 floors, though many are taller, as well as deeper and wider.

I had to arrange some plants on the driveway to keep my spot clear. After that, I had to remove the lotus plants I placed here because someone kept swiping the flowers!

This public room on the first floor will eventually be used to entertain, have a small group, or maybe use for English.

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