Sunday, August 26, 2007

God's Holy Spirit Moving Ahead of Us

God's Holy Spirit is moving ahead of me here in this town. For the last five weeks, I spent a lot of down time chatting with three people who worked the counter at the studio apartment building where I was living in Taiwan's third largest city before my recent move down here. Though the conversations didn't get very deep, I sensed there was potential in continuing to talk to the folks. But I don't think I actually ever told any of them where I was moving to. Today, when I went back for the deposit, the woman in charge asked where I had moved, and I told her. She responded that it was her hometown of long ago and that her parents still live there! (most people here have never even heard of the place). Now I have a whole family to follow-up on at some point since she told me they own a row of houses just across from the big temple here. As it that was not enough, Immediately afterward I jumped in a cab, and the cab driver is from the big town nearest to where I live.