Friday, July 20, 2007

Watching the Calories

I've been back in Taiwan for a week. As I try to eat as healthy as possible this month without a kitchen in my temporary one room studio, I succeeded entirely in abstaining from pearl milk teas, bubble teas, or other delicious sugared/iced green teas (all high in calories!). I have also stayed away from any kind of American fast food (McD's, KFC, etc). Last night at a stall in a night market I did consume what some consider the signature dish of the Taiwanese people-- an oyster omelette with some greens and other things in it.... very very greasy and unhealthy. But it was good!

Since my last post, in addition to discovering a few more new Starbucks in various places (when will it all end?), tonight as I was riding home on my scooter I was surprised to see a CostCo under construction EXTREMELY close to my old apartment-- about a 3 minute scooter ride in fact. Before, I always had to run up to Taipei to buy stuff at CostCo but a good bit of what I bought wasn't very healthy anyway. God has a wonderful sense of humor, since I'll be living an hour and a half from here!

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Cindy said...

yummy oyster pancake!!!