Thursday, May 19, 2016

Absorbing God is like Drinking from Niagara Falls

Three weeks ago while we were enjoying the view above from our hotel across from the American and Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls, I mused about how absorbing God’s nature might be like drinking from Niagara Falls. 三個禮拜以前我們在飯店欣賞尼加拉瀑布的景觀時,我一邊看一邊想著吸收上帝的本質就如喝尼加拉瀑布的水一樣。

Jesus said: “Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” (John 7:38) 耶穌說:「人要是渴了,就該到我這裏來喝。聖經上說:『那信我的人有活水的河流要從他心中湧流出來。』」約翰7:38

Elsewhere the psalmist writes: “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”  (Psalm 42:7)  在別的地方,詩者寫著:你的瀑布發聲,深淵就與深淵響應;你的波浪洪濤漫過我身。詩篇42:7

In yet another place God announces: “The leaders of Judah have become like thieves. So I will pour my anger on them like a waterfall. Hosea 5:10 在另外一個地方,上主宣告:「我要向猶大的領袖發怒,像洪水沖擊一樣地懲罰他們,因為他們侵佔以色列的領土。何西阿書 5:10

In Waterfall, singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin sings:

  Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall你的愛就像一個瀑布,瀑布
  Running wild and free狂野且自由的流動
  You hear my heart when I call, when I call 當我呼求你時,你聽到了我的心
  Deep calls to deep 深淵就與深淵響應
  Your love is like a waterfall, waterfall 你的愛就像一個瀑布,瀑布
  Raining down on me 如雨點般落在我身上
  It's coming like a flood 這就像潮水般涌来
  I'm dancing in the rain 我在雨中跳舞
  Everything I've done  一切我所做的
  Is covered in rivers of grace, amazing  都被恩典的河流淹沒,多麼奇妙啊

Indeed, appropriating different aspects of God’s character (His love, holiness, justice, etc.) can be like drinking from a waterfall. The water will of course hydrate you, but too fast and too much and it will certainly crush and kill you! Thanks be to God for His mercy and His grace in dispensing what we are able to handle as we live out our lives each and every day. May He increase our inner capacity for more of Him.

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