Friday, May 27, 2011

Drizzling in Puli

Yesterday, we made a day trip to Puli.

The first few times I ever visited Puli were in the days and months following the horrific 921 earthquake. We put on a summer camp there in 2000. I can’t remember for sure, but it had probably been at least five years since my last visit.

An impatient truck driver honked as we waited at the red light in front of the hill leading up to Puli Christian Hospital. Then, when the light changed to green he recklessly passed us on the left, narrowly grazing the side of my car as he speeded on his way. At the next light I got out of the car and let him know what he had done. Thankfully no noticeable damage!

In addition to a few other popular destinations in Puli including the winery, chocolate shops (I tried the ice cream instead of chocolate—delicious!) and two roadside eateries, we visited the so-called “Paper Dome”(see this link and that link).

When we arrived at the front gate of the park surrounding the Paper Dome, we were immediately impressed by the serenity , natural beauty, and artistry in the park.







By chance, the graduating class of the QingShui Elementary School of Nantou, known all over Taiwan for the quality of their music department, was there for a performance.

  In addition to music, they were good at many other things.













Amazingly, the junior high school from Shuilin Township (just next door to the township where I live) “happened” to be visiting the Paper Dome as one segment of their day-long field trip at the same time as we were. We know a number of the students personally!

My favorite part of the outing was the chance to sip an iced tea watching and listening to the rainfall while reading my Kindle at the very nice wooden tables in the restaurant area. Although you have to  buy a 100 NT ticket to visit the Paper Dome, you can redeem 100 NT in the restaurant or the souvenir shop in front of it by either getting a drink or postcards, etc.



The lotus plants to the left and right of the restaurant windows were beautiful, especially in the hard drizzle:

Visit there sometime!

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Amrita said...

Great post.

Lotuses are my favourite flowers.
Those kids are talented