Sunday, March 13, 2011

Powerpoint to Video Conversion

This evening I spent an hour or so playing around converting a powerpoint 2010 presentation with embedded audio and video to video which might be posted on the internet for others to view. For comparison purposes, I tried two different methods:

1. The first method involved (1) saving my powerpoint  2010 slides as “jpeg file interchange format” instead of as a powerpoint presentation. Then I(2) copied the slides in one fell swoop over to Windows Live Movie Maker, (3) added a song, for which I then (4) under “project” fitted the slides to the music with one simple click (I didn’t bother to add the extra video at the end, but this would have been a simple matter of copying over since that’s what movie maker is known for in the first place). Here are the results published directly to youtube from moviemaker:

2. A handy service called authorstream allowed me to directly upload the powerpoint presentation without fretting the details. It handle the conversion itself and allows posts to facebook, etc. although it didn’t place the audio and video quite right. It also lost page transitions. Still, not bad! You can view the results for yourself:

Conclusion: Either way gets the job done, although there are different loose ends which need to be tied up (not done here) depending upon which path one chooses. I think I still prefer method 1, however.

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