Monday, July 5, 2010

Sek-kia is a Male too

In a previous post I introduced Sek-kia the multi-lingual Indian Ring-Neck parrot whom I inherited for free.  By the way, Sek-kia is the name of a fruit here in Taiwan we don’t have in the U.S. (custard Apple, sugar apple) but is also a way to say “Buddha.”, Anyway, I recently discovered in the past two weeks that Sek-kia, just like Bala mentioned in another recent post, is also a male. Note the new rings which just came in around the neck….

IMG_0521  IMG_0523IMG_0536


Actually, as their body size and shape of their beaks is different (Sek-kia is about 2 inches longer, his beak is somewhat smaller proportionally, and the ring on the back of his neck is redder), and as Bala can only meow like a cat while Sek-kia speaks human words, I’m beginning to wonder if Bala is an African ringneck and not an Indian ringneck. Or if Sek-kia is a roseneck. Or it could just be that Bala is stupid. Poor Bala! (pictured below)



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