Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evening Bicycle Ride

Yesterday I rode my normal route from Four Lakes, through E-Liao, E-Lun, BoZiLiao, SanTiaoLun, Flying Sands (and a few other villages), and home again. On the way, I was able to stop as usual at the tea shop in E-Lun, chat for a few minutes with a number of acquaintances at the basketball court in Flying Sands and the park in Four Lakes, and see these young people finishing up their wall mural in SanTiaoLun (more of these murals seem to be popping up in every countryside village in recent months). Most of it was done by kids but now the older folks are taking over…


1 comment:

Amrita said...

The cakes look delicious and nicely packed too.
I like the murals, here they deface with ads and anoucements and posters.