Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Conclusion of Christmas Activities

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100-0010_IMGChristmas Eve and Christmas Day we distributed a little over 600 bags of candy and literature as we caroled in our two communities. Santa Claus trailed closely behind us in the markets! We were happy to be accompanied by several members from Songshan church in Taipei. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Christmas Truck Announcement:
 truck on street On Wednesday I had the truck announcing the birth of Jesus written up in previous posts drive routes in the northern portion of our neighboring township. Unfortunately, when I went looking for him, no one in the 4 villages I asked in the target area had seen or heard the announcement. Later, when I called the driver, I found out he had meandered off the

agreed-upon path! Soon thereafter, a worker at a tea stand as well as a friend in another village called to say he had passed by.

Christmas Eve and Day the truck drove back and forth in my township. In order to give people a chance to hear the message, he drove extremely slow. He passed through the majority of villages only one time as a result.

truckcoworkI received feedback from one acquaintance yesterday that the volume was not loud enough… if we choose to do this again, perhaps I should pay to have a more professional recording done.

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Amrita said...

May the anouncement from the truck draw people to Christ.

I visited a Hindu temple with Christian tracts and Cds on Christmas Day and in the city center there a Jesus Festival witnessing to thousands of people. I will be blogging about it

All over the world God 's Spirit is moving