Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Caroling Truck

I wrote in the previous post about the truck advertisements for local election candidates, and the resulting idea I had listening to them every day.

Translating that idea into reality for Christmas took far more time and energy than I expected. Because we have 4 other Christmas activities we’re preparing for I had to put in a lot of overtime.

Here’s the poster we’ve created to post on each side of the truck:


And here’s a clip from the track I mixed in modern Taiwanese (very different from what is used in Presbyterian churches), repeating every 30 some seconds. I also mixed in a Christmas greeting.

I am hiring the truck and driver for two full business days. Amazingly, they still use old-style tape cassettes instead of mp3s. So I had to save my recording in that format, which reduced the clarity, but I think both the music and message will still be heard.

Now everything is in the hands of the advertiser so I’ll prayerfully await the opportunity to observe the truck driving through every little street and alley of every village in our township (30,000 people) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! May Jesus Christ be lifted up where He is not known!


amanda said...

Very Cool!

My husband told me not long ago that they portable KTV stands that set up shop outside of wedding venues and temple celebrations were actually a missionary vision/creation. They originally called the set up "the ark" because they could carry it with them. That would be another Taiwanese "classic" that I'd love to see reclaimed for sharing the gospel.

Mind if I ask how much it cost to arrange for the truck to drive around?

Taiwan Prattler said...

Hi Amanda,
Nice to hear from you. I'm paying them 6,000 NT for 2 days, 7 hours a day. That includes them printing out the poster. I'd be curious to know what rates are in other parts of Taiwan.

bwsmith said...

A great idea!Praying for your work and health just now.

Amrita said...

Superb idea and venture. may the lord use this to further Hi s kingdom. From Dec 23-27th Christians will be having short Christmas progrmmes in our city center - the main shopping hub. Pray many may be drawn to Jesus