Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Identical Dish Sets

This evening I went over to a local rice shop for dinner. When I sat down to eat, I was surprised to see they served my dinner on a regular glass plate (unusual for this kind of casual rice shop).

DSC00058 Not only that, I was especially surprised to see that the plate was exactly like those I use at home,  handed down to me when my grandmother moved out of her house into a nursing home 13 years ago. Those plates are probably much older than that! The owner confirmed hers were at least 20 years old.  I told her I would make her restaurant my “2nd home” and she told me she would be my “2nd grandmother.” DSC00059

Anyway, the back of both sets (see pics) confirms they are “Stoneware Hearthside Cumberland”,  made in Japan- not Taiwan and not Eastern North Carolina. Small world!

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Amrita said...

Its a small world TP