Friday, March 13, 2009

Harmony versus the Highest God

An important cultural value here is to avoid decisive subjects such as politics and religion in order to maintain harmony on the surface between people. For example, the other day a coworker had a conversation with a taxi driver up in the city.  The conversation was about how one must go to so see so many different temples to seek out so many different gods in order to find answers to specific problems, etc. My coworker’s probing question was, if one could talk to the highest God over all the other gods instead of going to see each and every individual god, then wouldn’t this save a lot of trouble? The taxi driver was uncomfortable with the direction of this question so the conversation basically ended right there. But maybe God’s Spirit will bring that seed to life.

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Amrita said...

I think that question is very thought provoking and significant and a good way to make a person think about the direction he is going. I might use it too whikle alking to people engaged in various religious pursuis.

In my country people talk very openly about their religion and politics.