Monday, March 24, 2008

Suzuki Swift Woes

I'm a little disappointed with the mileage I'm getting on the Swift. Having filled up twice now, I got an almost identical 10.64 km/liter  (25 mpg US) of mostly highway driving. That's about $2.88 NT per kilometer. This is significantly lower (almost 10 mpg) than what I've found on English web sites. However, I've found a few other hits where people report getting my kind of low mileage. For whatever its worth (probably nothing), I'll mention this when I take it in later this week for 1,000 km servicing. Why does anyone buy a small car except for wanting to save gas? On the other hand, I'm fairly satisfied with the advertised 110 hp at 6000 rpm... feels like what I'm getting.

There's a second problem as well-- front windshield wipers quit working!!! First, they wiped in slow motion and then not at all. Not to happy about either of this issues but God is good.

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