Monday, March 31, 2008

Suzuki Swift Mileage Up!

Just now I was happy to calculate that, even though I've been driving basically the same routes back and forth every week in mostly highway driving, my last two measurements on the Swift have resulted in considerably higher miles per gallon. As compared to the very disappointing 10.64 km/liter (25.03 mpg) for the first two tanks of gas, I came up with 12.97 (30.51 mpg) and 13.88 km/l   (32.64 mpg) respectively for the next two calculations. That last figure is down from $2.88NT/km to $2.16 NT per kilometer. That's a big deal since gas prices are finally being hiked now, having been artificially kept down before the presidential election.

I also got the broken wiper mechanism repaired when I went for the first 1,000 km oil change maintenance, so this week I'm a much happier camper!

April 5 Update: Mileage now up to 33.71 mpg (14.33 km/l).

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