Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wierdest Fix I've Come Across

My Acer Orbicam application, with the cam built into the laptop, had always came up "orbicam has stopped working" whenever I tried to invoke the software. The cam has always worked fine with other apps.

Because I want to try using the cam to project story books on the wall for kids who have been coming over to my house in greater frequency these days, I finally began looking for a fix. A quick google revealed the following solution: move all the pictures in your My Pictures folder out of the folder. Reinvoke the application. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Low and Behold... I tried it with not a lot of expectation, but it worked!!! One of the strangest solutions I've ever come across. I wonder who found it, and how? Evidently it didn't come from Acer.

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