Friday, December 7, 2007

"North Harbor" Prayer Rally

Last Saturday I rode over to to attend a prayer rally in BeiGang ("North Port" or "North Harbor'). beigang3. I didn't stay very long because things were a little crazy for my taste during the time I was there. However,I heard great things about the morning session and had hoped to go back for the evening but for a prior commitment. May God answer the prayers that were offered up that day!  beigang1

The organizers chose to hold the rally there because this area is arguably the least-reached and least-penetrated by the gospel in all of Taiwan. That's why we're here and not in some more convenient locality further north. As we sometimes need to be reminded, our mandate is  to "establish wholistic communities of Christ among the least reached where all the odds are stacked against us." For us, that's here.


Anonymous said...

A little crazy how?

Anonymous said...

oops meant to say that last was Beth Knight-Pinneo (who hasn't found her log-in in months

華榮光 said...

Ha ha Beth. I hope you find your account ID and password. Not the same as your google e-mail account?